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VHR are excited to launch our new Guess the Car campaign.

Posted - 21 November, 2017


Following on from the success of our Name the Plane campaign across our social media channels, VHR are launching a brand new game to get you through the working week.

  Guess The Car    

Guess the Car invites all lovers of the Automotive industry to identify the mystery car in question. Sounds simple? There’s a catch: we’re only giving you a small part of the car – headlight, engines or grilles – as the clue!

Guess the Car will include some of the best-looking cars of all time, such as Lotus, Ferrari, McLaren, Jaguar and Mercedes, some old classics and innovative new vehicle designs.
Putting fun into your hardworking day, Guess the Car will test the skills of even the most experienced F1, Automotive and Motorsport professionals. Whether you’re an engineer or technical worker in the F1, Motorsport or Automotive industry, or simply a lover of motorsport racing, Guess the Car is the game for you.

To play Guess the Car, visit our social media channels. Find a new car clue every day, post your comment in the box below each car and check back at the end of the day to find out if your guess was correct.

  Guess The Car

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