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Dubai Airshow: A Spectacular Week for Aviation

Posted - 22 November, 2017


Last week, VHR had an amazing time with great success at the Dubai Airshow 2017. To recap on some of the best highlights of the week, below is summary of the spectacular aviation event.

  Dubai Airshow    

Aviation News of the Week:

The big reveal on the morning of the first day at the Dubai Airshow, rightfully remained the talk of the show throughout the week. Emirates Airline, positioned at the forefront of the exhibition hall, launched their new first class product to be delivered onboard Boeing 777 aircrafts.
  Emirates Airline UAE Dubai Air Show 2017  
Emirates presented their new first class product completed with its new features. As part of the interior design, Emirates teamed up with Mercedes-Benz for inspiration and assistance.
The new cabin is luxurious and lavish, however due to its sizing and additional space, the first class cabins are to be reduced from eight seats to six and will be aligned on board the 777 aircrafts three-abreast.
  Emriates new First Class Suites Boeing 777 Fleet    
Due to the new configuration of the first class cabins, one of the most innovative new features are the virtual windows made for the “middle seat” – passengers will be shown the outside view, live, through screens on the sidewalls with cameras filming the outside.
Emirates new product will be available on 777 aircrafts by the end of 2019.
    Dubai Air Show 2017 Day One Aviation Aerospace Event      

Plane of the Week: Etihad A380

Few aircrafts at the Dubai Airshow could compete with the elegance and boldness of the Etihad A380.
Dubai Air Show Etihad Airways
Etihad Airways is the flag carrier and second-largest airline of the UAE. Its expansive presence at the Dubai Airshow was felt throughout the exhibition halls, as well as demonstrated across the breadth of the outside aircraft display.
Dubai Airshow
The wingspan of Etihad A380 fleet is enormous, yet graceful. In celebration of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan birthday, Etihad had an overly impressive display to honour 100 years of his Highness’s existence.
Dubai Airshow
On the last day of the Dubai Airshow, VHR were able to climb on board the Etihad A380 commercial aircraft in order to gain a first-hand experience of a passenger.
First after walking underneath the giant aircraft, we entered through the economy class entrance. The tour continued to guide us through the cabins which exhibited rows of comfortable seats and video presentations.
Dubai Airshow
Following this, VHR ventured upstairs into the Business Class suites. Business Class oozed elegance and comfort, offering a fold-out bed and the classic dining experience. There were pull up “walls” which allows each passenger the option for extra privacy.
Onto first class and the options were spectacular. Etihad have managed to preserve both taste and luxury whilst exuding their brand, by investing in golden, tan leather seats which complimented the famous gold décor.
Each booth offered a bed and a sofa-chair, as well as a dining table space and a large screen pull-out TV, enabling entertaining and work practices.
Dubai Airshow

Most Impressionable Exhibition of the Week


Mars Mission: UAE Space Agency

It was incredibly mysterious and powerful, leaving more visitors and exhibitors questioning what the secret was behind the Mars Mission?
    Dubai Air Show Mars Mission  
UAE Space Agency certainly win the award for the most curious display. The giant dome and eye-catching stand was one of the first noticeable just past the entrance to the main exhibition hall.
But what was the dome about? What is the Mars Mission and were they developing life on Mars? Well to some degree, yes they were!
    Dubai Air Show United Arab Emirates    
The Mars Mission by the UAE Space Agency have discovered a way of growing plants in a ‘Mars-like’ atmosphere.
In 2018, the UAE will be celebrating the year of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the Founder of the UAE, for what would have been his 100th birthday.
For this special celebration, the UAE Space Agency have honoured his life by proving there is a way to grow life on Mars.
The Civilisation Plant is a social initiative designed to increase awareness of space agriculture. The Mars Mission aims to encourage and support research and innovation within the space industry; one of the main national sectors that attracted the attention of the late Sheikh.
  Dubai Airshow  
Having been given a ‘Plan for Civilisation’ box by an exhibitor in the stand, VHR plan on growing the seeds as advised in a ‘Mars-like’ condition, and sharing the growth of agriculture on our social media pages.

VHR Highlights of the Week

On day one of the Dubai Airshow, VHR’s Managing Director Danny Brooks was delighted to have met Liam Fox, the Secretary of State for International Trade on his tour of the UK Pavillion.
    Dubai Airshow    
During his visit, Danny and Liam discussed the importance of Ethical Recruitment specific to VHR; the emphasis was placed on recruiting overseas employees to work in UAE and elsewhere across the globe.

Attending AAR Event in the Burj Khalifa

The VHR team were fortunate to be invited to the AAR event at the At.Mosphere bar in the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world on the second night of the Dubai Airshow.
    Dubai Airshow    
Up on the 127th floor, VHR attended a celebratory networking event with incredible views and the company and atmosphere to match. VHR felt incredibly privileged and proud to be a part of brilliant event offering great business opportunities and amazing sights.

Overview of VHR’s week

To wrap up an amazing week at the Dubai Airshow, VHR’s Managing Director, Danny Brooks, explains the importance of the business networking events that were attended over the week of the Dubai Airshow, and the exciting future VHR has ahead of the event:
“It’s been a fantastic week for VHR’s team out in Dubai; each day proved to be more successful and fruitful than the previous.”
“As the largest aviation tradeshow event in the world, the Dubai Airshow offers businesses and thought leaders in the aviation industry, a chance to meet with existing clients and future prospects throughout a five-day period – which is exactly what VHR have had the privilege of doing on all five days.”
“Not only has VHR managed to touch base and enjoy a week’s worth of entertainment and events with our customers, but we have also managed to extend our business and recruitment solutions further field by meeting new candidates and clients from across the globe.”
“I’m very proud of VHR’s team for all the effort and determination that has been put in to our success over the past week, and look forward to our exciting future where we aim to develop prospects achieved throughout the week in Dubai."
  Dubai Air Show 2017 Highlights Day Two 2    

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