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Dubai Airshow: Day Five Highlights

Posted - 20 November, 2017


The final day of the Dubai Airshow was both impressive and exhilarating – every exhibitor was squeezing in their final meeting as the aircrafts prepared for their last airshow performance.

Dubai Airshow: Day Five Highlights

Day Five at the Dubai Airshow is the last of the week and VHR are reflecting on what was an amazing finale.
Busy from morning to close, VHR’s stand brought candidates and clients from across the globe to speak about future business requirements.
Throughout the day, people were finalising business deals and arrangements in order to leave the week on a high.
Once the trading had come to an end, the last air show display took to the sky and leaving an audience onlooking in awe.
  Dubai Airshow  
The Dubai Airshow has proven to be a great triumph for VHR after a week of multiple business meetings with existing and new clients, plus numerous outings to fantastic events and galas proving that the Dubai Airshow is one of the greatest in the world.

Plane of the Day: Emirates A380

There was no other contender – Emirates rightfully stole the show with a fantastic design on their largest aircraft, the Airbus A380.
  Dubai Airshow  
With 100 A380 Aircraft on fleet, 86.6 million passengers flown, 1.3 billion kilometres travelled and 48 destinations visited, Emirates A380 fleet dominates most airspace.
Next year is the year of Zayed – 2018 marks 100 years since the birth of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Founder of the UAE.
Emirates have honoured the Sheikh with a fantastic print of his portrait dominating the majority of the aircraft.
  Dubai Airshow  
The Airbus A380 symbolises long-haul journeys offering extreme comfort and efficiency. The Emirates display proves both their opulence and innovation continues to rule the aviation manufacturing industry.
    Dubai Airshow  

Facts and Figures:

Wingspan: 80m
Length: 73m
Weight: 589,670kg
Longest non-stop flight: 14,193kms (Dubai – Auckland)

Top Three Exhibitions



Equipped with multiple layers and rooms to their exhibition display, Alsalam offers a unique customer experience.
  Dubai airshow  
Alsalam are a joint venture under the Kingdom’s offset program; with state-of-the-art facilities and a skilled workforce, Alsalam commercial and military aircraft maintenance, overhaul and modifications through technology transfer and the development of Saudi nationals.
  Dubai Airshow  
Offering a luxurious experience within their aircraft interiors display and showcasing the range of extravagant styles in motion, Alsalam projects professionalism and industry wealth.
  Dubai Airshow  
Ever wanted to sit in a pilot’s seat? At Alsalam’s stand the chance to experience the upgrade in the C-130 Cockpit was available for all – alongside a presentation and MRO video display.


Mubadala exhibiting at the Dubai Airshow 2017 marks the 10th anniversary of the company’s investment in the aerospace industry.
  Dubai Airshow  
After a decade of strategic investment in the aerospace industry, accelerating the growth of an aerospace hub in Abu Dhabi, Mubadala displayed an exhibition worth celebrating.
The clean, crisp display of white meeting rooms and cutting-edge technology was both eye-catching and distinctive.
  Dubai Airshow    
The exhibition stand offered a chance to understand the minds behind the industry, and learn more about why advanced technology is integral to the aviation and aerospace industry's progression.

Air show finale

It wouldn’t be the Dubai Airshow without a spectacular air show send-off.
  Dubai Airshow  
The show began at 2pm and lasted until the doors closed at 5.30pm. The American air force fleet kicked off the performance with four aircrafts dancing in unison around the show grounds.
The force of the aircraft could be felt throughout the exhibition hall, making most exhibitors and visitors take the opportunity to watch the display in action for the very last time.
  Dubai Airshow  
VHR were able to join a couple of clients in one of the chalets outside of the exhibition hall and experience the air show from the best viewing platform available.
  Dubai Airshow  
The day closed with a love heart drawn in the sky by the air force during their performance, symbolising the union of businesses from around the world  within the aviation industry at the Dubai Airshow 2017.

Dubai Air Show: Day Five Highlights

After a busy few days, VHR found the time on day five of the Dubai Airshow to take tour on board an Etihad A380 commercial aircraft.
  Dubai Airshow  
The tour began with a guide through the economy class cabins which displayed comfortable rows of seats with visual video presentations of the destinations Etihad travels to.
After this, we continued upstairs to business and first class cabins. Business class oozed elegance and comfort, offering a fold-out bed with the perfect dining experience.
  Dubai Airshow  
First-class however was spectacular. Etihad have preserved both taste and luxury by investing in tan leather and a complimenting golden decor. Each booth offers both a bed and a sofa-chair, alongside a table to eat at and a TV to watch entertainment channels.
  Dubai Airshow  
In the evening, after a long week of business networking, VHR were able to meet with friends and clients for celebrations on a successful week just passed at the 360 bar, adjacent to Dubai’s infamous Burj Al Arab.
  Dubai Airshow      

Quotes from VHR

To wrap up an amazing week at the Dubai Airshow, VHR’s Managing Director, Danny Brooks, explains the importance of the past week for VHR:
“It’s been a fantastic week for VHR’s team out in Dubai; each day proved to be more successful and fruitful than the previous. As the largest aviation tradeshow event in the world, the Dubai Airshow offers businesses and thought leaders in the aviation industry, a chance to meet with existing clients and future prospects throughout a five-day period – which is exactly what VHR have had the privilege of doing. Not only has VHR managed to touch base and enjoy a week’s worth of entertainment with our customers, but we have also managed to extend our business and recruitment solutions further field by meeting both candidates and clients from around the world. I’m very proud of VHR’s team for all the effort and determination that has been put in to our success over the past week, and look forward to our exciting future."

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