Dubai Air Show: Day Four Highlights of the Dubai Air Show 2017
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Dubai Air Show: Day Four Highlights

Posted - 17 November, 2017


It’s the penultimate day of the Dubai Air Show 2017, and Aerospace businesses are sealing sought-after deals. VHR reports on a phenomenal day including the Dubai Air Show Gala Dinner.


Dubai Air Show: Day Four Highlights

Day Four at the Dubai Air Show has been the best yet for the VHR team. From morning to evening, the VHR stand was visited by a variety of candidates and clients from around the globe, and our on-site team secured meetings with important businesses.
An eventful day of business led onto the Gala dinner hosted by Emirates Airline and Dubai Airports. VHR thoroughly enjoyed the Gala Dinner, which featured a performance from Jennifer Lopez and saw fireworks decorate the Dubai skyline.
An increasingly successful week, the Dubai Air Show has made headlines all around the world, with business deals and arrangements creating a fantastic atmosphere.
Dubai Air Show Antonov-70
The Dubai Air Show is nearing its end, but there’s still time to cement amazing business deals. VHR present below the highlights of Day Four at the Dubai Air Show.

Plane of the Day: Antonov-70

A defiant aircraft designed to make an entrance, the Antonov-70 is an aviation force.
Dubai Air Show Antonov-70 Aviation
The Medium STOL Transport aircraft is a world away from traditional commercial aircraft; luxury and opulence are not part of its beauty. Nevertheless, its engineering and technical build is astonishing, including the intricacy of the interior.
Placed delicately close to other impressive aircrafts including the Airbus A380 and Airbus A350, the Antonov-70 looks incredibly unique. Its bright blue propellers and enormous body make for an intriguing aircraft.
The Antonov-70 is a four-engine medium-range transport aircraft and the first to take flight powered only by propfan engines.
Dubai Air Show Antonov-70 Aerospace

Facts and Figures:

  • Wingspan: 44m
  • Length: 41m
  • Weight: 66,230kg
  • Top speed: 780 km/h

Top Three Exhibitions



Enormously bold with numerous interactive activities on set, the Thales exhibition is a stand worth exploring.
Dubai Air Show Thales Aerospace
The French multinational company designs and builds electrical systems and provides services for the Aerospace, Defence, Transport and Security industries. Thales aim to service all security electronics, technology and smart software requirements of the Aerospace & Aviation industry.
he electric blue of the Thales exhibition illuminates both the brand and the exhibition hall. Not only is the display aesthetically pleasing, it contains numerous innovations to capture an audience.
Included in the visitor experience are the opportunities to:
  • Discover how smart airport software detects security threats
  • Sit in a virtual reality chair seat and navigate your way over mountain peaks
  • Talk to an AI Robot, which will answer any questions and assist you in your needs!
Dubai Air Show Global Technical Recruitment


How can anyone fail to be intrigued by tackling one of the world’s most topical and most dangerous threats? Raytheon present their exhibition display focused on cyber security.
Dubai Air Show Raytheon Aerospace Defence Security
As specialists in technology for Defence, National Security and Public Sector, Raytheon’s exhibition stand covers all areas of Defence, including military and commercial electronics. Celebrating 30 years of partnerships in the UAE, Raytheon offer a range of activities for visitors to get involved with.
Including a port for visitors to recharge their appliances, Raytheon’s Air Defence section assists with both aircraft and security procedures. Next to the security section is a presentation focused around how to secure your business from cyber threats. An unmissable exhibition, Raytheon’s bright red and silver attraction is a must-see for Defence and Security experts.
Dubai Air Show Raytheon Aviation Defence

Safat Aviation Group

As leaders in the Aviation industry in Africa, Safat Aviation Group present a variety of interactive opportunities for visitors to their display.
Dubai Air Show Safat Aviation Group
Unlike no other display in the Dubai Air Show exhibition hall, Safat Aviation Group offer the means of experiencing ‘life as a student’ in the Safat Aviation Academy.
Within the academy department of the exhibition, 6 laptops enable anyone to learn the training programme currently projected on to a bigger screen: a great idea for university students and engineers wandering the exhibition hall pathways.
Safat Aviation Group present numerous technology machines that reveal the importance of thermography, and the AI technology poised to shape the future of the company.
AI has featured heavily within the Dubai Air Show this year, with Safat Aviation Group’s AI display one of the most captivating. The bright blue room, combined with the opportunity to create your own character, offers entertainment throughout.
Dubai Air Show Aerospace Recruitment Global Technical Recruitment

Dubai Air Show: Day Four Highlights

The Dubai Air Show Gala Dinner is the celebratory networking evening that highlights the end of a successful week for the Aerospace & Aviation industry at the Dubai Air Show. VHR were proud and delighted to attend.
The evening began with a sit-down meal and drinks at the iconic Atlantis hotel, situated on the Palm in central Dubai. Later on VHR enjoyed a fantastic performance by the singer J-Lo and a plethora of firework displays that lit up the night sky.
Dubai Air Show Gala Dinner Atlantis Hotel UAE

Quotes from VHR

Alicia Ottey, VHR’s Client Operations Executive, discusses the importance of Day Four for the VHR team and the Dubai Air Show:
‘VHR have had a brilliant day! We managed to get outside of the exhibition hall to see the aircraft on display, as well as watch part of the Air Show. Again, it was fantastic to catch up with some of our biggest clients and show them around the exhibition.
‘VHR linked up with the Marketing team running the Farnborough Air Show to discuss ethical recruitment and changes that we expect to see in the aviation industry come 2018.’

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