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Cyber Security: Is the Defence Sector as prepared as it should be?

Posted - 5 September, 2017


Defence specialists are experts in preparing for planned threats, but with cyber security the fastest evolving and most sophisticated of all security issues, how can we prepare for unplanned threats - and avoid permanent damage to our brands and businesses?

VHR's Defence specialists, Rafe Cooke and Adrian Mansfield, are attending the Defence and Security Equipment International event in London, to discuss with you ways in which your business can effectively deal with the growing threat of Cyber Crime.
Across the world Cyber Security and Data Integrity has been thrust into the spotlight with large scale attacks such as Wanncry on public sector infrastructure and numerous data breaches within household name blue chip organisations. In fact in 2015 alone, despite more than $75 billion spent on enterprise security products and services, more than three-quarters of the Fortune 500 were breached by cyber adversaries, and the average time from a breach to its detection was nearly 146 days (down from 205 days in 2014, but still too long). For defenders, this is the very definition of strategic failure.
This escalation of the sophistication of Cyber Crime has prompted a paradigm shift in the way that Cyber Security is being dealt with at an enterprise level, it has progressed from the IT department to a CEO level issue meaning every IT professional has been thrust onto the front line of the fastest moving battlefield in the world.
According to this Cyber Security Ventures Market Report:
“Cybersecurity Ventures predicts global spending on cybersecurity products and services will exceed $1 trillion cumulatively over the next five years, from 2017 to 2021. 
In 2004, the global cybersecurity market was worth $3.5 billion — and in 2017 it is expected to be worth more than $120 billion. The cybersecurity market grew by roughly 35X over 13 years. While all other tech sectors are driven by reducing inefficiencies and increasing productivity, cybersecurity spending is driven by cybercrime. The unprecedented cybercriminal activity we are witnessing is generating so much cyber spending, it’s become nearly impossible for analysts to accurately track.” 
This is an issue which transcends as sectors in every business are at risk if they don’t take the steps to anticipate and future-proof their organisation against attacks.
By working closely with some of the world's leading Defence and Cyber Security pioneers, both Rafe and Adrian can effectively and efficiently help your business grow its cyber defences and security; because of this, VHR's Cyber Defence specialists will be attending the global Defence and Security International event in London next week.
"As Business Development manager of VHR's Defence Division, I will be attending the DSEI Conference this month. Catch up with me at the event or contact me to discuss how your business can best protect its own cyber security" - Rafe Cooke

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