The Captain's Ride 2017: Day Two of the Captain's Ride Diary
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The Captain’s Ride 2017: Day Two

Posted - 7 November, 2017


VHR's Managing Director Danny Brooks reports on Day Two of the Captain's Ride.

The Captain's Ride Day Two: Sunshine and High Speeds

Danny reveals of the second day, 'The easiest day of the ride was blessed with sunshine and warmth all day. The peloton (main group of cyclists) were in the groove after day one, and we averaged 27kmh over the course of the day. The ride distance was 110km, but the climbing was relatively easy compared to yesterday.'
The Captain's Ride Day 2
Day Two gave the riders another long but enjoyable day through the beautiful Tasmanian countryside. The teams managed to squeeze in a rest stop at a fabulous 50's diner in Deloraine before a visit to very special Foundation supporter in Devonport.
Stay tuned for a big day ahead tomorrow - Day Three of the Captain's Ride will be the most challenging yet!

Day Two by the Numbers:

  • Distance - 113.5km
  • Elevation - 843m
  • Moving Time - 4:18:11
  • Calories - 2,194

Watch the Journey

Follow Danny and the Captain's Ride teams around Australia - watch their video diary here:
The Captain's Ride Video Diary

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