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Candidate Industry Survey Released

Posted - 29 November, 2017


VHR introduce the Industry Survey for Candidates 2017.

    Industry Survey    
As a 5-minute survey, the survey for Candidates 2017 will help to inform our 2018 Industry Report. The report will reveal the latest recruitment trends and job seeking advice for engineers and technical workers in the Aerospace & Aviation, F1 & Automotive, Engineering & Defence and Marine industries.

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      Industry Survey    
The Industry Survey for Candidates 2017 will use the results of 2017 predict the leading industry trends for 2018, helping workers around the world to continue to find technical and engineering jobs and achieve career success.
The Industry Survey for Candidates comprises of only 10 questions and takes just 2 minutes to complete.
The Industry Survey also allows engineering and technical workers the opportunity to feedback on your experiences this year: what is most important to you when seeking a new job, what have been your biggest obstacles to finding a job, and what can recruiters do better to help you find a job?

Your feedback will help the recruitment industry to better understand your needs, in order to better help you find your next new job and build your ideal career.

All candidates are assured that all answers are completely anonymous.
      Industry Survey    

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