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Learning Compliance at VHR: Giovanni's Intern Blog

Posted - 19 December, 2017


"London is a city that gives you many opportunities!"

I am Giovanni and I come from Italy, in particular from Messina, a small town in Sicily, a wonderful place to spend your holidays, but not to work.
I expect to learn a lot about a business area that I previously did not know how to comply, to improve the language, and to learn how to relate with colleagues and bosses in a company.
The atmosphere and working environment is very welcoming and people here are always available to help you. Also, there are many opportunities to be together beside work and to know each other better.
I am used to living abroad so I can always adapt well to any kind of city. It is not difficult to adapt to this city because it is a city where there is everything one could wish for...

Find out more about Giovanni's experience living in London, as well as working for VHR.

VHR offers unpaid internships which cover only meal and travel expenses. VHR’s unpaid internships fulfil all legal criteria as outlined by HMRC; unpaid internships do not automatically result in paid job positions. Please contact Jai Popat at Jai.Popat@v-hr.com for further clarification.

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